Program - Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

The acceleration program for Game Camps' teams has started!

Winners from Game Camp Visby and teams selected as potential participants for the GDC2019 in San Francisco have been contacted and the first meetings have been held in good spirit!
Almost all teams are progressing with their development and focusing on getting their games and startups ready for GDC in March 2019. The teams are encouraged to fill out the support templates, set their goals and milestones, and plan what activities they need. Tools used by Game Camps for collaboration with the teams include Slack, Skype and other online platforms, which make it easier to follow progress and discuss various matters.

Best of luck to all game developers and teams - remember to stay in touch and we hope to see many of you in S.F. at the GDC!


Program - Spring 2018

The acceleration program for selected teams were run for the first time in Spring 2018.

The program started with an introduction session on the beginning of January. Online-meetings with mentors were arranged throughout the spring. The final intensive coaching was held on-site at Rankki Island, Kotka Finland, during the Kotka Game Camp between 8th and 10th June, 2018.


Antti Villanen is the Executive Chairman of  Nitro Games.

50+ M€ Capital Raised
40+ Companies Mentored
30+ Games Released WW
20+ Companies Co-Founded
10+ Board Seats
2 Bankcruptcy
∞ Interest to everything new