Companies and teams created during Game Camps -project

New Companies and Teams
Startup / Team name   Game title(s)/Web page(s)
Bird Pals   Birds with Feelings -
Nyaargh Studio   Nyaargh!!!
Blind Fox Studio   The Maiden -
Placeholder Gameworks OÜ   Death and Taxes -
Beyond 39 Hills   Robocode / Robo proxy -
Orbit Break   ReLeap
Soopeli Studios --> Majorly Distracting   Tap Duels
Lorn Vale   Lorn Vale

Companies supported during Game Camps -project

Supported Existing Companies
Company name   Game title(s) & Web page(s)
Add Inspiration   Rooster Booster -
Better Built Studio    
Eat Create Sleep   Among Ripples -
Lizard Hazard Oy   Your Royal Gayness, Lovingly Evil -
Kuura Playhouse   O'mage -
Kukouri Mobile Entertainment   Tiny Troopers (series), Pixel Worlds -
Bool Games
Platonic Partnership   King of Peasants -
PHZ Game Studios   Siege Castles -
Rigged Mind    
Lunarbyte Oy
Catland Oy   Starship Saboteur -
Valiant Game Studio AB   Pendula Swing -
Ichigoichie   Hexagroove -
NoSoySauce Games OÜ   Everfight VR -