What is Game Camps & How do I apply?

Game Camps is a recurrent event for individuals and businesses that are working with game development, or wish to do so. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people within the industry, show off your skills and learn what it takes to create a game from start to finish. 

The main objective is to give participants the opportunity to develop a game idea, gain knowledge about the business and the opportunity to start cooperations within the Central Baltic region.

These events are perfect for:

• University Students, looking to start a career in the Game Development Industry.

• Professionals, wanting to join already existing studios.

• People who consider transitioning into a Game Development career.

• Studios, searching for the “best and brightest” to join their projects. 

• Start-ups, wanting to learn more about the business and the opportunity to start  cooperations within the Central Baltic region.

• Fun loving people!

Who can apply for the Game Camps?

Individuals/studios that want to develop a game/business, and are open to the idea of getting talent from the participating countries.
You work with and/or have a relevant education within the framework of game development.
Resident within the EU
Aged 18+

What happens during a Game Camp?

Basically, it is a Game Jam with substantial focus on the aspects of enterprise and entrepreneurship. With the challenge to build a working game prototype and pitch it to a jury, the best teams will be given a total of 30 000 euros worth of support to take their game to the next level and help them become a successful company. The best of the final projects will attend the grand finale 2019 in Silicon Valley, where the best of the best will pitch to a group of investors and fight to secure funding for their game.

Do I need to have a fully developed game in order to apply? 

– No, on the contrary. The challenge is to build a working game prototype from scratch, OR continue working with an existing project, during the Game Camp days.

How do I protect my idea / game?

– If you want to work on your private project, you have to be willing to include others in this for the duration of the GC at least. The goal is to take the prototype to the next level with the help of other talents, and to get you to Silicon Valley. We will provide you with the rules and regulations in the use and protection of your prototype during the Game Camps.

Is it okay to send our entire company to participate in the Game Camps?

– It is OK. However, each country can only send ~15-20 persons per Game Camp event, and the outcome will be better with mixed participants. In other words, it is better that you send your key people rather than most of them. Remember to register as a: Member of an Existing Team/Company (Team/Company name).

Should we team-up before arriving to the Game Camps?

– Not necessarily., but it is highly ecouraged. We may put teams together according to the abilities match already on the b2match-site, but last minute team forming can be done at the event. The point is that you will meet new talents that you may never have met otherwise. The challenge will get your team to overflow with creativity and new experiences.

Is it really free?

– Yes! We will provide you with travel and accommodation, food, mentoring and counseling and more during Game Camp days. All this will be free for you – we just need you to show up with a good attitude and big dreams!

How do I keep myself informed?

Check out our project website at www.gamecamps.info and join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/balticgamecamps/

Important stuff
It is super important that you provide truthful and correct information, otherwise you risk being excluded from the selection process. 

If you have applied and been accepted, you will receive an email from us with detailed information. Be sure to provide the correct email and be quick to respond!
Double check that your passport or ID card has not expired!
Those of you who are not admitted this round are welcome to apply for the next Game Camp.
If you attended a Game Camp before, you may not apply again with the same team or game. Instead, we encourage you to continue developing the game you started together, remotely or in person. 
A Team that received price / development grants to develop their game may do this only once, so make it last. 
We will plan your trip and buy it for you. You just need to show up in good time, really. By applying, you accept the fact that you are responsible for showing up and understand the consequences of paying a fee if you fail.

Now what?

We need you to do three things:
1. Apply through this link: https://gamecampskotka2018.b2match.io/
2. Check your mail regularly and respond promptly if you receive mail.
3. If you are admitted, bring your passport and be sure to be there on time!