Cursor Oy has plenty of experience in developing the games business and gamestudios in Southern Finland. We have run the Playa Game Industry Hub since the beginning of 2012 with more than 20 game companies. Cursor operates one of the fastest growing game clusters in Finland.
Science Park Gotland operates an incubator for business ideas that are considered innovative, knowledge or technology-intensive. It’s a shared initiative between the Municipality of Gotland and Uppsala University Campus Gotland and it’s Game Department, the first game design education in Sweden with over 300 students, working closely with the game industry.

Latvian Technological Centre foundation is a tech, business and innovation centre located in Riga. The centre helps close the gap between universities and the tech industry. It operates a business acceleration centre and provides support for start-ups and knowledge based companies.

Tartu Science Park is the oldest science park in the Baltics. For almost 20 years, we have supported business innovation activities in the region by networking with universities, public and private sector. To foreign companies, we offer our help in extending business to Estonia where the economic environment is characterized by qualified workforce, favourable tax system and liberal markets.